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75mg of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Unlock your inner source. Designed to help you alleviate stress, achieve flow state, and nourish your mind and body. Achieve clarity through enhancing cognition, blocking stress pathways, and boosting memory.

Ingredients (per 550mg capsule)

  • 75mg Psilocybin Mushrooms
  • 110mg Lion’s Mane 8:1 Extract*
  • 110mg Cordyceps 8:1 Extract*
  • 110mg Ginkgo Biloba*
  • 110mg Ashwagandha*
  • 35mg Ginger*


Please note ordering 10 capsules will be packaged in our compostable pouches.


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Our smallest dose is purposefully crafted to aid in mental stress recovery and help with inflammation reduction.



Designed to help you alleviate all your stress, achieve a flow state, and nourish your mind and your body.



This unique blend combines natural caffeine and adaptogens for an energizing yet calming effect.



Drawing inspiration from the ‘Stamets Stack’, crafted to amplify cognitive function and foster neurogenesis.



This microdose unlocks your potential with enhanced cognition, brain health support, and overall mental clarity



Tailored for experienced microdosers or higher-dose seekers, this dose invites creativity, and embodiment.



75mg of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Unlock your inner source. Designed to help you alleviate stress, achieve flow state, and nourish your mind and body. Achieve clarity through enhancing cognition, blocking stress pathways, and boosting memory.

Ingredients (per 550mg capsule)

  • 75mg Psilocybin Mushrooms
  • 110mg Lion’s Mane 8:1 Extract*
  • 110mg Cordyceps 8:1 Extract*
  • 110mg Ginkgo Biloba*
  • 110mg Ashwagandha*
  • 35mg Ginger*


Please note ordering 10 capsules will be packaged in our compostable pouches.

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25 reviews for Flow

  1. Mandy Corbett (verified owner)

    Amazing product!! Relieved so much of my anxiety and helped me to get through my days much easier. Definitely will be ordering this product again.

  2. Angela J (verified owner)

    Just started using Flow and am starting to notice benefits like increased focus and fewer “A type” controlling behaviors. I appreciate the other functional mushrooms in this blend. Will continue to use and observe the long term effects of MD with Flow.

  3. kris (verified owner)

    Where do I even begin to share with you, my love for this product. It’s absolutely beautiful and provides a deep experience within you that’s hard to beat. Very happy with this product and will continue to buy it.


  4. Jodi

    AMAZING STAFF AND PRODUCT! I started microdosing a year ago now and it was literally life changing! In general FLOW just made me feel lighter, less stressed and definitely helped with procrastinating!! Where I had to talk myself into something, FLOW was so awesome in me getting stuff done! Like I mean big stuff! Lol even starting a side business!

    As time passed some how I ended up thinking I was supposed to increase my dose. I went up to 165 and just didn’t have a continued positive experience. So then I stopped all together for a few mths, right in the middle of a few very stressful events in my life. So I was desperate to find the right dose!
    The Moments team took the time to figure out what was best! To my surprise it was staying on the 75 mg of FLOW. I’ve recently started back and from day one I felt soooooo much better!! My focus is heightened, I’m more positive, enthusiastic and able to take on big tasks without so much hesitation! That being said, you still have to do your part in working towards your best life and best life!!

    But FLOW and the MOMENTS TEAM make the journey of healing and growth so much easier!
    I am so grateful 💜🍄💜🍄💜

  5. Cathleen (verified owner)

    I had read about the benefits of microdosing, specifically for mental health. My only experience with mushrooms was a few macrodoses in highschool that didn’t leave me feeling like I wanted to try them again. I’m glad I did take a chance and place an order with Momentum. Flow was a great experience, like others have said, I took enjoyment from the little, everyday things. I was able to ground and find more joy, a welcome feeling after dealing with symptoms of PTSD and depression for 2 years. I decided to try their Spark product this time, however I did not enjoy it at all. I emailed the customer service team and no questions asked they gave me a code to order Flow again (free of charge and no shipping costs. I was really happy with their prompt reply and wonderful customer service. I have started Flow again following the recommended protocol and it has help again with mental health/stress. Great product & great company!

  6. Fran B (verified owner)

    At a point in my life where I was extremely anxious and it was impacting my every day life (personal and in work) I found Flow really helped me to feel in control. I was so happy that I was able to use microdosing to support my work and still feel perfectly in control. I experienced reduced anxiety, heightened creativity and an overall better sense of balance.

  7. ChrisH (verified owner)

    First of all, I cannot speak highly enough of the staff at Moment. Although I have experience with macrodosing, I’ve never tried microdosing before. The staff answered all questions through email professionally, quickly, and effectively. From start to finish, they have been extraordinary.
    I was sceptical of online companies selling mushrooms but the packaging alone put my mind at ease when it arrived, which arrived the next day after ordering to Ontario. Its a beautiful, compostable, nicely coloured package with a side button to lock/unlock the top lid. I was also super surprised and happy to see that Moment included a sample pack of their Spark Stack, which oddly enough, I was debating on getting instead of Flow so that was super cool to see!
    I’ve been taking them for a couple days now, following the Stamet’s protocol, and I’ve already noticed a difference. Like other people have stated in reviews, it feels like a slight buzz, similar to having drank a coffee (without the jitters). I’ve noticed my attention to detail has expanded and I’m noticing new things I would usually never take a second look at, music sounds a little deeper, and it feels like I have slightly more motivation to do simple things (make the bed right away, clean the dishes sooner, go to the gym earlier, etc). One drawback I have, which is something that I’ve read happens to a lot of people, is a slight anxious feeling. I’ve noticed that taking 200mg of L-Theanine has helped slightly but I’ve been told by others that the longer I continue with microdosing, the sooner the anxiety subsides. I’m excited to try the sample pack of Spark to see if the couple extra mg of psilocybin can push me through the anxiety feeling and prove a different experience! It’s also nice to see that there are multiple other functional mushrooms and ingredients included in the stack, especially ginger, which is known to help combat the nausea and upset stomach that psilocybin can cause. Overall, 8/10 would recommend (it’ll be 10/10 if/when the anxiety feeling subsides)! Try it out and have fun in there!

  8. Jarrad Mcdonald (verified owner)

    Awesome product and great starting point for someone looking to microdose, cool packaging too!

  9. Daniel Krempa

    This company is amazing and very responsive! I absolutely love them and will be part of their family for as long as they sell products. The shipping is fast (2 days to Ontario) and the product packaging, branding and customer support is unparalleled and CANNOT be beat. I bought Flow and Neuro, and altho I have a higher tolerance I contacted them and they adjusted my order the same day and shipped it. They are completely attentive to their customer and I found a company that is reliable, credible and honest. Hard to do in todays environment. Their products are clean and love the fact they are conscious of the environment and waste (recyclable materials) are a priority as well as the consumables being easy to digest and experience. Love you guys and thank you for being being you, please don’t change 🙂 Keep up the great work! Truly grateful and happy to be part of the Moment family from here on out!

  10. bindudiane (verified owner)

    These guys are top notch in terms of service… I’ve had multiple questions about the product and some allergies I have and they’ve always replied in a very timely manner with detailed answers. Thumbs up! 👍

  11. Xavier R.

    Flow is perfect for those who want a gentle introduction to the world of psilocybin. It’s a serene journey that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

  12. Idris S

    Flow feels like a soft hum in the background, elevating an ordinary day into something more meaningful. A lovely, mild experience.

  13. Morton

    Taking this during a chill evening with close friends led to deeper more meaningful conversations. It subtly bridges the gap between the mundane and the profound.

  14. Layla N

    For those who want to elevate a mundane day without going on an intense journey, Flow is a suitable choice. You can do this anytime anyplace. Thx for this and for the resources you provided.

  15. Rory G.

    Took this on a nature walk. The world seemed more vibrant, and my senses were slightly heightened. A delightful companion for outdoor activities.

  16. wesley

    Flow is the perfect name for this. It’s a gentle nudge into a space of introspection and calm. Not overpowering, just a smooth glide into deeper thoughts.

  17. Farah Alexis G.

    Flow and a good book turned out to be the perfect combination for me. Im also really enjoying my time with my cat haha

  18. zoe

    Flow is a good starting point, especially if you’re new to psilocybin. It gives you a taste without being overpowering. Great blend of ingredients that support your health too.

  19. Harry D.

    Flow is like a gentle guide into the realms of self-reflection. It doesn’t push you but rather holds your hand, leading you on a mild introspective journey.

  20. Wynona A.

    Took Flow during a quiet evening on my porch. The stars seemed a little brighter, my thoughts a little deeper. It’s a soft embrace into mindfulness. 5/5

  21. Viv

    Flow gave my yoga session an added dimension. Every stretch and breath felt more connected. Probably gonna take this every time now lol

  22. Jai

    While I can see the appeal of Flow for first-timers or those seeking a milder experience, I felt it lacked a bit in depth. Good for quiet introspection, though.

  23. mariam a

    I was initially hesitant with the low dose but it ended up being the experience I wanted. It’s like viewing life through a slightly different lens.

  24. Kat Craats (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about Moment Mushrooms. I have tried a few of their products now (Spark, Nourish and Flow in particular) and will be coming back for more as soon as I run out. I have given some to friends who have had the exact same feedback. I frequently use Flow when I need a bit of a creative boost at work – its the perfect subtle microdose. Would highly recommend trying Moment Mushrooms if you need to shake things up a bit and introduce some bright new energy to your days!

  25. Abby Verigin

    This product is amazing. So far, I am in love with both the product and the packaging. It is really helping me feel good throughout the day. Currently using to help reduce anxiety and increase focus, it’s working great. I love how eco-friendly this brand is!!!

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