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Our Values


We are a values driven wellness brand focused on the transformative power of psilocybin mushrooms as an intentional tool to support inner growth and mental health

One of one primary values is to support people. 

On this page, you’ll find lots of resources that should guide and support you on your journey. If you need anything else – don’t hesitate to reach out.¬†

Our Community

Guides & Therapists

Magic Mushrooms have the potential to radically improve our mental health challenges. However,¬† Magic Mushrooms are a holistic tool rather than a quick-fix ‘pill’ that can be taken to solve all of our issues.

Many of the studies that have proven that mushrooms can cure depression were done in a very specific environment with weeks of preparation, a ceremony, and proper integration. All of these components play a large role in the successful outcome of a mushroom experience. 

Secondly, Magic Mushrooms can potentially bring up very challenging experiences, having support to navigate and integrate these experiences is essential to avoid what’s known as a ‘bad trip’.¬†

Their expertise can provide valuable insights, enhance self-discovery, and guide individuals through the nuances of the psychedelic experience. This collaborative approach, combining the inherent therapeutic properties of Magic Mushrooms with the guidance of a professional, aims to create a more profound and impactful journey toward mental health and self-discovery.

To get the most out of your journey with Magic Mushrooms, we highly encourage you to work with a guide or therapist. 


How to find a psychedelic guide

We have built relationships with trip sitters, integration coaches, registered therapists, counsellors and social workers. We have several partners who we know and recommend: 

  1. Gathering Groups | Offers a twelve-week online community culminating in a small group ceremony
  2. Legacy Journeys | Vancouver based | offering group retreats and individual ceremonies
  3. Flourish Academy | Offering both Personalized and cohort based Microdosing Programs
  4. MindBody Integration |  Offering trauma informed MDMA-assisted therapy to clients across Canada 
  5. Obai Wellness | Toronto based facilitated therapy and holistic integrative service
  6. Healing Mango |  Toronto based holistic health service, facilitating individual, couples and group ceremonies. 
  7.  ATMA CENA | Alberta and Ontario based psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to assist individuals in bettering their own mental health and wellness.

If you are looking for a local guide or simply want to check out more options you can check out these resources below

  1. Our Blog Post- How to find a psychedelic guide 
  2. Maps Mental Health Support Practitioners by Location
  3. Psychedelic Association of Canada – How to find an Ethical & Skilled Therapist 
  4. Psychable Searchable directory 
  5. Psychedelic Support Directory

Magic Mushroom & Psychedelic Book Resources

These books are available for you to read online for free, but we strongly encourage you to support these authors and buy their books. 



join a LOCAL Community

Flying Sage |  A psychedelic community online and in person events in Vancouver. On a mission to democratize transcendence. We offer in-person and virtual events focussed around integration, connection and transformation.

The Toronto Psychedelic Society | a diverse, multidisciplinary community of academics, students, researchers, artists, therapists, teachers, counselors and others with a shared interest in psychedelics. 

Our Commitment In Action

Pay what you can model

Healing shouldn’t be about money.¬†

Unfortunately in our society, our pharmaceutical industry sets prices that can make the help we need out of reach. Talk therapy can be beyond the financial reach of many members in our community.

Our belief is totally different. 

Magic Mushrooms should be available to anyone who wants them, regardless of their finances. 

We offer a pay what you can model for anyone who needs it. 

Simply ask –>¬†¬†

We grant 100% of all reasonable requests.