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Moment Mushrooms

Starting Your Microdose Journey

First Things First

What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing is the practice of taking a very small dose of a psychedelic drugs like psilocybin mushrooms. This dose is so small that is considered sub-perceptual, as in, at this low dose, you should not perceive or notice any of the traditional psychedelic effects, yet experience both physical and mental health benefits.

For first time microdosers, we recommend starting with a low dose (30-200mg) and following the most common microdosing schedule or “protocol” which is The Stamets Protocol. This protocol includes 4 active dosing days followed by 3 integration days (no dosing). Continue for four weeks of dosing, then take a reset period of 2 weeks by not dosing. Many microdosers repeat the protocol multiple rounds or indefinitely. 

For more detailed information on microdosing please visit our Learn page. If you have any questions regarding doses or protocols, please feel free to contact our team we are happy to support you.

Sustainability & Our Guarantee

Our Mission At Moment

Sustainability is a core value at Moment and it means the world to us. All our packaging is biodegradable, 100% plastic-free, and recyclable and we only use organic, vegan and wild harvested ingredients in our microdoses and chocolate. 

You can feel confident knowing that only the highest quality ingredients are inside each of our offerings. Integrating our microdoses into your life will provide you with the elements needed to heal and deeply connect with your body, mind, and spirit. To learn more about our mission, please visit this page.

We also stand by our guarantee, if our offerings didn’t exceed your expectations, we will make it right. We’ll replace your items, refund your money, whatever it takes to ensure you have a positive experience. We’re here to support you every step of the way so please feel free to contact our team at any time.

Start Your Journey Here

Microdosing Sample Packs

Not sure where to start on your microdosing journey? 

We suggest starting with our Low Dose Pack which includes 4 capsules of our Nourish (30mg), Flow (75mg) and Spark (165mg) microdoses for 12 capsules in total. 

If you’re interested in starting with a higher dose, our High Dose Pack contains 4 capsules of our Neuro (165mg), Balance (300mg) and Pure (400mg) microdoses for 12 capsules in total.

4 capsules of each microdose allow you to experience 1 week of a microdosing schedule, known as the Stamets Protocol (4 days on, 3 days off) to determine which dose is right for you.

For more detailed information on microdosing, please visit our Learn page. For additional reading please visit our Stories page. Feel free to contact our team with any questions or visit our FAQ

We wish you a beautiful inner experience! 

Personalized Support

We would love to answer your questions or connect you with someone who can support you.

Please reach out to us at:

We’ve also listed some our incredible community members which you can reach out to:

Our friends at The Flying Sage believe in a world where everyone has safe and equitable access to psychedelic medicines. They stand for ethical decriminalization and legalization occurring simultaneously. 

Our friends at Legacy Journeys offer guided psychedelic experiences that bridge ceremonial, clinical and therapeutic approaches.

Our friends at How to Use Psychedelics have a comprehensive resource to safe and effective psychedelic use for healing and growth. They also provide preparation and integration consultations on a sliding scale. Learn more about their offerings here.