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Community is a huge part of who we are and what we are trying to achieve.

We are looking to support our community and create partnerships with guides, healthcare professionals, trip sitters, facilitators, content creators and more. 

Contact us at to find out more! 

Buying from Moment guarantees you are getting a consistent product made from high-quality ingredients that you can trust.
All of our products are shipped in trackable, nondescript, Canada Post, sealed pouches that your neighbours won’t recognizeSecondly, the Post Office Corporation Act prevents police from opening any packages, which is why all of our shipments travel via Canada Post.
We stand by our product, our service, and our community. Check out some of our reviews on our product pages.

We know that Mushrooms & Microdosing might be new for you and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to try our products.

We’re incredibly proud of our products and confident in the benefits they can bring into your life.

Our guarantee is simple: If you have a problem, we will solve it.

If your order did not meet your expectations, we want to make it right.

Email us, let us know what’s going on, and we’ll sort it out with you.

We’ll replace your product, refund your money, whatever it takes.

Full transparency: No Timeframes. No requirements. No return costs.

Here at Moment,  we are a values based company that doesn’t make compromises to try and increase profits. For us, our primary value is supporting people and we believe that one of the ways we can do that is by ensuring we do not sell our products to minors.  

As such, on all purchases we require you to upload a photo of your government issued photo ID. This must show your full name, date of birth and address –  which must match your billing information. 

The rest can be blurred out or covered.   We already need the name and address for the order, so the only additional information we need to receive is the date of birth. 

Any uploads with the full name, date of birth or address not visible will not suffice and your order will not be processed until this is received. 

  1. We ship all orders through Canada Post via XPressPost. and provide tracking numbers for every order.
    Small orders are charged a flat $20 rate.
    Large orders over $200 ship free.
  2. All packages are shipped in unmarked, discreet, sealed mailing pouches. Nothing on the outside indicates the contents on the inside.
  3. We cannot do custom delivery requests or local pick up as all orders ship via Canada post
  4. After processing your payment and packing your order, your package will ship. Once shipped, deliveries usually take 2-3  business days to arrive, you may follow along using your parcel tracking number.
  5. We do not ship outside of Canada.
  6. Your tracking number will be sent to you once we complete your order. Then it will be activated once it has been scanned by a mail worker.  If you do not receive your package, please wait two days past the expected arrival, then reach out to us at with your order details.
  7. We do not ship on weekends

We have chosen to only ship our products within Canada. However, we have a great partnership with another brand based in the USA that ships almost everywhere in the world.


Use code “MOMENT10” for $10 off your first order.

Please be aware that they require all customers to register and be approved before access is given to their Psilocybin products

Please use ‘Moment’ as your referral source

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  1. Ordering is simple.

     like any other online store, simply add a product to your cart and complete the purchase. We accept Credit Cards and Interac E-transfer payments.

    However, we do require you to upload a photo of your government issued photo ID. This must show your full name and address which must match your billing details. This required and is to ensure age validation of 19+

    Then look for your unmarked package in the mail!
Currently, we accept two forms of payment. Interac E-transfer and Credit Card,


1. To pay with Credit Card simply check out as you would any other online store. Your card is not charged immediently as we review all orders before charging. 

 Note: On your credit card statement, your order will be from Moment Vitamins

2. To pay with Interac E-transfer you will receive detailed instructions at checkout. At the bottom of the checkout, simply click “place order” and you will be directed to the “Order received page”. Here, you will see a four-digit order number.  Your order will be placed, but put on hold.

Through your online banking, you will need to send an E-transfer, include your order number in the message option of the transfer
. Once this is deposited in our account, we will remove the hold on your order and complete the sale. 
Please note:
– Do not mention mushrooms, magic, microdose, or anything similar in any fields of the transfer.
– If the instructions are not followed, your order will be delayed or canceled.
If you are experiencing any issues, contact us at 
Yes! We are always looking to create partnerships and fulfill larger orders.

Please reach out to us directly: 
We will do our best to cancel or edit your order if your package has not already shipped.

Please reach out to us directly at  and provide us with as much information as possible.
All taxes are included in the cost of products.

We like to call our points ‘moments’ which you earn with every purchase.

$1 spent = 5 moments 

Each 100 moments are worth $1.00 (or 1 cent each). In other words, if you spend $124, you’ll receive 620 moments. On a future purchase you can use your moments to subtract $6.20 from your purchase. 

You can also earn moments by:

  1. Leaving a product review = 1000 moments ($10)
  2. Refer your friend  = 1500 moments ($15) and your friend will also earn 500 moments


  • You need an account to earn and spend your moments.
  • You can keep track of your moments under “Account” then the side tab “moments”.
  • We reserve the right to update or change the value of moments at anytime.

Did you know that you have your own unique referral code to give friends and family 20% off their first order?

On top of that, you’ll both earn 1500 moments ($15 off) on your next purchase!

That sounds like a win-win!


  1. Find your unique code: 

    If you click the “My Moment Rewards” button in the right corner (or under Account // Moments) you can find your unique discount code.

    It should look something like this:

  2. Copy and share your unique code with friends & family

  3. Your friend follows the unique link you provide:
    – The code will be automatically applied once they enter their email in checkout.
    – If there are any issues, it can help if they create an account on and then re-follow the link
    -Note: cookies need to be on, so incognito mode won’t work.

  4. Once they make their first purchase, 1500 moments will be automatically added to both your and their accounts for $15 off future purchases.

If you have any questions or there are any issues, reach out to us at – we love hearing from our community.