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Complex, primarily undiscovered worlds that extend into the physical and mental

Magic Mushroom Effects on the Body: The Microbiome

Written byL Maci Mallaia

The gut-brain axis brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “as above, so below”! In what could either be a coincidence or a testament to this ancient proverb, the popularity of practices aimed at improving the way we digest both solid matter and stimuli appear to be rising in parallel. 

Put simply, our species is starting to turn inward — to our brains and bowels.

As science works to unravel the relationship between these two complex and mysterious realms [1], the birth of regimens to remedy gut health [2] and psychedelic therapy protocols to restructure unconscious processes are converging in space and time to shape new questions in the personal wellness space. [3] Of the most pressing on psilocybin forums deals with shrooms and the stomach: “Will microdosing mushrooms affect my gut?

The long-term effects of mushrooms on gut health

Before we get gutsy and start foraging for facts about the “magic” side of the mushroom kingdom, we should first explore the bodily effects of the edible fungi fam as a whole. Experts say eating mushrooms can help to:

  • Support brain health and immunity
  • Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails
  • Strengthen the heart, bones, and teeth
  • Protect against kidney stones and cancer

And that’s just the tip of the myce-berg! Feasty fungi not only supply cells with micronutrients that help them flourish but also know exactly how to restore healthy gut flora using edible mushroom polysaccharides (EMPs).

These mushroom-exclusive molecules are able to resist harsh digestive enzymes and have been fixing up our tummies for thousands of years! [4] Studies show that they modulate the composition of our microbiomes and serve as a crucial source of energy for good bacteria living inside. [5]

Psilocybe may not be the best mushroom for gut health — Turkey Tail, Chaga, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane share that slot! — but there is no reason to believe it’s exempt from the health benefits of mushrooms in general.

Pro tip: If you are desperate to avoid mushroom digestive problems and searching for how to reset your gut naturally and microdose mushrooms at the same time, we recommend that you purchase psilocybin capsules that contain ginger and mushroom supplements for gut health just to be safe.

Psilocybin research: “Seeking the Psilocybiome”

Could the relationship between magic mushrooms and gut health reach beyond cordiality and into the realm of symbiosis? Scientists think so! [6]


A majority of psilocybin studies so far have been centered around the central nervous system, but some pioneering medical researchers — such as Dr. John Kelly and Dr. Kim Kuypers — propose that we should “zoom out and merge fields” and seek “the Psilocybiome”. If we merge their fresh ideas about the gut and trippy fungi, a few themes are born!

A happy mind and a healthy gut go hand-in-hand

The importance of gut health for mental health is plain to see, and vice versa. There are serotonin receptors in both our brains and bellies that show strong bidirectional communication. [7] Some fun indications of this connectivity are that SSRIs improve IBS symptoms [8] and rats that receive a feces transplant from depressed humans will get depressed. [9

Psilocybin effects may stem from the microbiome

Now that studies have demonstrated the sustained therapeutic value of psilocybin for depression due to a terminal diagnosis, [10] scientists are looking to decipher the origin of these magic mushroom effects. Since psilocybin enters through the gut and activates serotonin receptors, the microbiome should be taken into consideration — It could be an MVP! 

Both fields of study have implications for immunity 

Serotonergic psychedelics such as psilocybin are currently being studied for their involvement in immune function modulation. [11] Same goes for gut microbiota, which also play a role in the development of autoimmune conditions. [12] Some types can be difficult to treat, and novel treatments that touch on both fields could produce better outcomes in the long run. 

‘Set, setting, and stomach’ could be a gold standard 

Set and setting are thought to be paramount to a helpful psychedelic journey. [13] Harnessing the microbiome’s plasticity through diet and supplements may help set up for a seriously therapeutic shroom trip.

Canada’s best medicinal mushroom supplements

The psychedelic experience and microbiome have a lot in common! They are complex, primarily undiscovered worlds that extend into the physical and mental — and possibly even spiritual — planes of our existence, so it’s no wonder psychedelic researchers are seeking out their connection!

Sure, they don’t have all the answers yet… but it’s safe to say that wellness practices like ‘listening to your gut’ and microdosing psilocybin are here to stay. Our advice? Take a moment to tune in before you add something to your routine, visit Moment Mushrooms for mindful tripping, and stay tuned as science uncovers fung-scinating mysteries of the Psilocybiome.


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