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Top 5 Places to experience Magic Mushrooms

From the team at Moment

An experience with Psilocybin Mushrooms can be a magical experience, often called a mushroom trip. A trip is a fitting word because often a mushroom experience can feel like a journey.

One of the most important parts of the experience is where you are! That’s because psychedelics often make you acutely sensitive to what is occurring around you. This is one half of one of the most ubiquitous phrases in the psychedelic community. This is “Set & Setting”, these are the internal “mindset” you have and the “setting” in which you are in.

Your trip is impacted by what’s around you, the weather, people, the smells, the temperature, everything!

That’s why trying to set up the ideal setting for a psychedelic experience is so crucial. While the setting is a personal choice that varies between people, there are a few places that are almost guaranteed to help you make the most of your Magic Mushroom Trip.

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Here are our top five recommended places to experience Magic Mushrooms.


On the couch


At an Ecstatic Dance


Mushroom Retreat


In Nature


At a Music Festival

1.  On the couch

While this might sound strange a first, the couch is a great place to be supported by a trip sitter or a therapist. Psilocybin therapy has been proven as an effective treatment of several mental health challenges. It combines the pharmacological effects of psilocybin, a psychoactive substance, with psychological support. 

Typically, During the experience, patients lay on a couch or bed, then put on an eye mask to block out outside distractions and listen to a playlist designed to help them focus internally and guide them. A therapist and an assisting therapist are present throughout the session.

Companies like Naps are leading the way with cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology to empower powerfully effective healing strategies.

2. On an all-inclusive Magic Mushroom Retreat

There are retreat centre’s around the world, but probably the most popular spots are Costa Rica and Jamaica. It has become an epicentre of the psychedelic mushroom movement. 

Our team has personal expernce at Reunion in Costa Rica. Reunion is a not-for-profit place to experience the transformational power of traditional ceremonies and bring forth healing and positive change through learning, self-discovery, and self-acceptance. We highly recommend that you book a discovery call 

3. At an Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance has roots way back in history, and it’s been practiced by many religions and tribes. This type of dance encourages you to completely surrender to the music, expressing yourself freely as your body moves to the rhythm.


This can lead to a feeling of ecstasy or even put you in a trance. Traditional ecstatic dance parties include rhythmic drumming or other live instruments, but there are also modern “rave style” versions that feature a DJ. Whatever style of party you choose, your body will be moving! We highly recommend our Spark capsules for this type of dance! 

Any Questions?

Check out out Learn Page to find out more about dosing, set & setting, and what the science behind Magic Mushrooms


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4. In Nature

People who try and describe a Magic Mushroom Trip often talk about a deep sense of connectedness, to all things. Being in nature amplifies that connection. In the words of Micheal Pollan, describing his first mushroom trip: “I was no longer the alienated human observer, gazing at the garden from a distance, whether literal or figural, but rather felt part and parcel of all that was transpiring here.” – an excerpt from the book “How to change your mind”.

Getting away from distractions can really help you stay present in your trip. Getting prepared with the right gear and location can be crucial. Checking out some of the incredible cabins at Field Mag is a great place to start your plan.

The expanded state of consciousness mushrooms can provide is perfect for gaining direct experience with the natural world and the incredible energy these places hold.

5. At a Music Festival

Curious for your own Mushroom trip?

Often festivals are the first place people try mushrooms, but we wouldn’t recommend this. Often the environment is crowded, if the music is too intense and if you don’t feel safe and supported – your trip might feel overwhelming and very uncomfortable (speaking from experience here). 

However, there are specific festivals and music genres designed just for the psychedelic experience. These festivals are often intentionally more mellow and attract an audience that is more respectful of the space and the journey you might be on.

Take some time to look around, the colours, the lights and notice what stands out most to you. In the same way, try closing your eyes and being present with your body and the sounds. Some Psilocybin users experience synesthesia. Then is when you experience one of your senses through another. You might experience sound-to-colour synesthesia, known as Chromesthesia – where sounds involuntarily evokes an experience of colour, shape, and movement!

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