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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Moment Mushrooms Our Commitment To Sustainability transparency over greenwashing. How to build a Magic Mushroom business without harming the planet. By the team at Moment. What does it mean for us to be committed to sustainably?  These days It feels like brands throw terms like this around, without any transparency or accountability.  We would rather […]

How To Find A Psychedelic Guide

How To Find A Psychedelic Guide 🔍 Written by Michael from The Flying Sage and Legacy Journeys Before answering this question, it is important to define what a psychedelic guide is. It can be helpful first to make a distinction between a guide and a trip-sitter. Trip Sitter A trip-sitter is someone who’s responsibility is solely to hold […]

Microdosing and Concussion Recovery

Katherine Findlay Microdosing and Concussion Recovery Katherine’s journey out of the depression caused by her concussion with the help of  Microdosing Magic Mushrooms.   The day that changed my life forever. February 5, 2022 On February 5, 2022, I was in a ski accident, I double ejected from my skis and went headfirst into a tree […]

Top 5 Places to experience Magic Mushrooms

Top 5 Places to experience Magic Mushrooms From the team at Moment An experience with Psilocybin Mushrooms can be a magical experience, often called a mushroom trip. A trip is a fitting word because often a mushroom experience can feel like a journey. One of the most important parts of the experience is where you […]

Your Mind On Mushrooms

Your Mind On Mushrooms Take a trip down neuroscience lane to discover what’s happening to your brain on psilocybin. Written by Jacqueline Salomé HallucinationsKaleidoscope eyesBecoming natureBecoming one with all beingsSelf-awareness Transcending the selfSpiritual awakeningsMeditationEuphoriaBliss. These are all typical experiences reported by people using psychedelics like mushrooms, or psilocybin. But why are these mutual experiences so […]

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