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We feel a deep connection to the earth around us. We are part of it. As such, we have gone above and beyond to ensure all of our mushrooms, products and even our packaging is both natural and sustainable.

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All of our psilocybin & medicinal mushrooms are grown to the highest standards. Grown on natural substrates, individually hand trimmed to ensure no substrate or fillers, then tested for potency and finally delivered to you.

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We love our home and we’re proud to be Canadian! Our company, community and all of our psilocybin cubensis mushrooms are grown here in Canada with both passion & experience.

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Our compostable shipping pouches are unmarked, giving no hints to what is inside. We ship CanadaPost Xpresspost for fast shipping. Plus our shipping pouches can be reused or composted!

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How to buy magic mushrooms in Saguenay, Canada

Chicoutimi and Jonquière are communities in the city of Saguenay, which is located in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region in Quebec, approximately 200 kilometers (120 miles) north of Quebec City. Saguenay was formed in 2002 when Chicoutimi and Jonquière merged with the town of La Baie. It is one of the most influential shroom markets in Canada where you can easily buy quality shrooms online

Saguenay is situated on the Saguenay River near its confluence with the St. Lawrence River. In fact, the name of the city may have been derived from the Innu word “Saki-nip”, which means “where water flows out”. There are all sorts of strains of Magic Mushrooms available such as golden teacher magic mushrooms, penis envy magic mushrooms, albino magic mushrooms, and mazatapec magic mushrooms. You can purchase premium microdose capsules here.

Saguenday is said to be an “isolated oasis” in the middle of Northern Quebec’s vast remote wilderness. From the south and east, only a few pathways provide access, while just one enters from the northwest. It is the best place to buy magic mushrooms online.

About 145,000 people live in Saguenay, 98.9% of which speak French as their first language. Residents love to use nootropics to be more productive, and live a fuller, more connected life. Here you can buy the highest quality organic magic mushrooms online.

Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada


Filled with love

To ensure the safety of of Magic Mushroom Microdoses, we pack them full of love.


We use heart shaped, plant based, fully certified compostable packing hearts in your magic mushroom delivery.

You can reuse them or simply rinse them down the sink. In water, they break down and return to our earth leaving no toxic substances or pollutants in our soil or waterways!

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